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We have exciting news to share with you about our organization, Sycamore Park Playground Project, sponsored by the MOMS Club of Blairstown. Our goal is to create a community-built playground at Sycamore Park that promotes active play, stimulates imagination and is accessible to all children, regardless of ability. We would like to share this incredible opportunity with you to build community goodwill through sponsorship or partnership.

The MOMS Club of Blairstown is a local non-profit group, EIN # 75-3022441, formed under the International MOMS Club, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Although the playground is going to be located on town property, the town is not directly involved with the fundraising for the playground; we are a separate entity. We are committed to building an exciting new venue for childhood entertainment, exercise and education right here in Blairstown, NJ. Our organization is formed exclusively of volunteers. Therefore, 100 percent of all fundraising dollars go directly toward the playground project.

We have chosen to work with Leathers & Associates, a local design firm that specializes in custom-design community-built projects. Leathers has designed more than 2,800 projects throughout the US and seven foreign countries. Together, our goal is to build a unique 8,000 square foot playground at Sycamore Park.

The playground will be built by hundreds of volunteers from the community. Building the playground with free volunteer labor will save over 25% of the cost compared to a manufactured installed playground. This means every dollar will buy much more fun for the children of our community and all those who visit the park! The total budget for the playground is estimated to be $100,000. We need the assistance of major corporate sponsors and partners to complete our funding needs and make this dream a reality.